Shop & Dine

Shop & Dine

Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs, CO offers you the chance to go back in time. Visit with the ghosts of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush and dream of the Old West in this charming small town nestled in a big city.

Old Colorado City was first settled in the 1850s. Sitting at a café, you can look around and imagine the windswept foothills and the creek that greeted travelers heading for the Rocky Mountains. You can visit the first log cabin the settlers built and walk down the street to see buildings that were fully up and in use before the city of Colorado Springs broke ground.

Rich in culture and boasting a colorful past, this charming historic district promises to become your favorite place to visit. With nearly 100 specialty shops, galleries, jewelers, fashion boutiques, souvenirs and sweet shops, and ‘best of’ restaurants and cafes, you will find we have something for everyone!

Thanks to the Old Colorado City Historical Society and a pervasive passion for our own history, the past still curls up around here like a cat in a mining camp.

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  • 2324 W Colorado Ave,
  • Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • (719) 577-4112